Film Friday: Lomo LC-A

Welcome back to Film Friday! Where I review cameras from my own collection and give my opinion, and share my results. This week we’ll be looking at the Russian LOMO LC-A.


The Lomo LC-A is a 35mm, point and shoot camera. Manufactured by LOMO between 1984 and 2005.
It has very little in the way of exposure control apart from setting the film speed and distance from the subject.

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The camera has gained notoriety through the photographic movement known as Lomography.

It lends itself to high contrast, presumably due to the way the lens is coated and arranged. this leads to very defined tones in black and white images. In colour images this creates highly saturated colour .

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I have found that my own LC-A is great to use, and I really see why they are such a sought after camera. It’s build quality is relatively solid considering its plastic construction. It’s has a really compact design, which allows it to be kept in a pocket with relative ease. I say this in comparison to my Olympus Trip 35, which although compact still has a very awkward body shape which can make it just that little bit un-shapely when tucked into a coat pocket.

At present I also have the LC-A KRAB, an underwater housing. This can be used for up to 20 meters under water. I hope to use this camera more in future. The angle and vigneting caused by the lens create incredibly distinctive images that are the hallmark of the lomography movement.


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