Film Friday: Voigtländer Vitoret

Welcome to this weeks installment of Film Friday. This week we’ll be looking at the Vöightlander Vitoret.

Vöightlander vitoret
Vöightlander vitoret

The camera was made in Germany by Vöightlander in YEAR. It is a 35mm camera that is very similar to rangefinder cameras of the 1960s. It has a very nostalgic feel and sleek look in chrome amd black.

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I have only used one roll of film on this camera despite wanting to use it more often. On colour film I’ve found the lens washes the colour slightly while also enhancing the difference between tones. Recently I invested in a matching rangefinder accessory so I can make sure my images are in focus without relying on hyperfocal distance calculations or simply guessing how far away a subject is.
All in all I find this camera great to use for documentary work because it has a simple, quiet leaf shutter and a small profile. Great for summer trips and days out.


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