Film Friday: Fujica 35EE

Welcome back to Film Friday! My apologies for for the unscheduled gap in posting. From now on Film Friday will take place on the first friday of every month =]

Fujica 35-EE

The Fujica 35-EE is a 35mm, Rangefinder camera. Manufactured by Fujica in the erly 1960s
It uses a selenium cell light metering system and can operate in full manual or shutter priority mode. From an ergomonics standpoint, this is by far, the most unusual camera that I have ever used. The shutterspeed and aperture settings are on the lens barrel and the focus is set by a wheel on the back of the camera, adjusted by the users thumb.

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The camera has a 45mm f1.4 lens which makes for great shallow depth of field portraits and low light photography. as mentioned above, the camera does take some getting used to due to its unusual layout and as a result can be a little cumbersome.


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