Film Friday: Polaroid 600 Extreme

Welcome back to Film Friday! Where I review cameras from my own collection and give my opinion, and share my results. This week we’ll be looking at the Polaroid 600 Extreme.

Polaroid 600 Extreme
Polaroid 600 Extreme


The Polaroid 600 Extreme is a Polaroid instant camera that uses the iconic integral Instant film.
Being what it is, there is very little in the way of exposure control apart from a slider which will dictate how light or dark the finished print will be. This is handy for fine tuning your exposure when it come to making images in more of a trial and error matter over any kind of precice metering.

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Even with the somewhat basic exposure system the camera does have some interesting fetures, including: a portrait lens, and the option to use flash or not for an image due to having a double shutter button. The images above were shot using the new Impossible Project film which is actually quite nice as they offer a range of frame styles and the option to have monochrome or colour film.


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