About Me.

Twenty-eight year old photographer, based in the South Wales area.

I specialise in the field of medium format photography, as well as being an avid participant in the “Lomography” movement. I use both digital and analogue photographic equipment. I particularly enjoy collecting antique and retro cameras, and experimenting with the creative possibilities that they offer.

I find that mixing the old and new processes in photography allows me to generate new and personal images that have a unique surface quality. Desaturated colour, vignetting, light leaks, and happy accidents can be employed to express mood and atmosphere that can be missing in the world of digital photography.
My primary interest in photography is portraiture across several genres, including: advertising, candid portraiture, abstract, street photography, and social documentary photography.

I’m a true believer of “The decisive moment” and I always carry a camera in order to never miss an opportunity to document something that catches my attention. Light, composition, a point of interest are instinctively noticed by photographers, it is the unexpected that can be the most interesting.


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