Heroes & Villains: Black Cat

Black Cat is a character from the Marvel Comics universe. Her first appearance was in The Amazing Spiderman #194 (July 1979)

Her abilities and skill set allow her to be an excellent burglar as she has advanced gymnastic abilities and is  an expert martial artist. These skill combined with a superhuman sense of smell and night vision and a few gadgets make her a formidable character.

This was actually the first shoot in the Heroes & Villains series. As with Harley Quinn, images were shot on both analogue film and digital formats.

Unfortunately however , the digital files were lost as a result of a failed hard drive.

All the surviving shots were taken on a Mamiya C220 Medium format TLR camera using studio lighting. The lighting set up was in order for me to create graphic, High contrast images for half of the set and then strong low key images for the other half.