Gods Among Us.

For my last uni project this year we had to generate our own brief I based mine on literature, mythology and the gods.

I started by writing down and particular gods that I remembered from stories and popular culture.

The images above were my original concept for for my project. I set out to make images using polaroid cameras for because the images cannot be edited in post. I loved the idea that everything within the images had to exist when the shutter was fired.
This then led to the need for real locations and full scale props.

Upon a discussion with my tutor it was decided that my digital images (shot as a backup) would make for better enlargements as a final piece. So in accordance with this I scanned Some of the original instant frames as a template to frame the digital images.

I mounted both sets of images in the same 3×3 grid order. The original Polaroids are mounted on cream mount board, in a black frame. The digital images were printed out onto a semi gloss paper and mounted onto foam board to make for a lightweight, large scale display.



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