Women in Focus: exhibition.

Women in Focus is a two stage exhibition that’s on display at the national museum in Cardiff. It’s a study and retrospective collection aimed at exploring the roles and prominence of women as creators and as subjects.

A large portion of the collection comes from the personal archive of David Hurn. The collected images include works from pioneers like Mary Dillwyn and more contemporary photographers like Clementine Schneidermann. The wide range of subjects and tone in the work is fascinating to see.


The first leg of the exhibition closed on the 11th of November in order to change the focus of the exhibition to its second part, Women in front of the lens. The current phase of the exhibition will run until the 9th of June 2019.

The collection houses some really interesting and thought provoking work. It covers almost all areas of photographic practice, from combat to editorial and fashion.

This exhibition is a critical piece of work, and I strongly recommend anyone to go see it.


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