My Hero

So I’d like to introduce you to my Hero+.

I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while. But I felt I didn’t do enough interesting things in my life to warrant having any kind of action sports camera.

I guess all that changed when I got my motorcycle. Suddenly I felt I had a need for at least a DVR camera even if it would only serve to record a road traffic accident.

I scoured the Internet looking for a suitable quality camera that could either be helmet mounted or shoulder mounted. I looked at various models including the Drift Ghost and the Contour. Both other cameras are amazing, but brand new they were both out of my price range, the cheapest being £199.

Luckily for me, I found this GoPro Hero+ was in my local CeX store for £100 and it also included the handler. There was a choice in the day between this hero+ and a hero 3. My decision to take the hero plus was made by the hero+ having a built in waterproof case, a rear LCD touchscreen and coming bundled with the handle. The Hero 3 was just the camera without any additional accessories unfortunately.

I wasn’t sure which way would be best to mount the camera, would it be better to attach it directly to the bike? or should I find a way to mount it to my person. In the end I opted to fit it to my backpack.

I got a pack mount from amazon in order to attach the camera my backpack. This gives the camera and more importantly a better chance at getting stable footage. Attaching the camera directly to the motorcycle would lead to the footage becoming too unstable to use.

I shot a few testers on the camera while I’ve had it. The video below was made over the course of a bank holiday weekend at Barry Island. The camera and included handle were perfect for getting stable footage as well as allowing for us to record ourselves on the fairground rides.

I also spent another weekend exploring Trago Mills while showing my girlfriend my home town of Merthyr Tydfil. This footage was shot without the use of the handle, you can see my fingers creeping into frame which is a little annoying!

This last video was shot while riding a new route through Dinas Powys. I loved the road and scenery. It’s such a nice way to ride to and from work so I used the Quik software to cut together some of the footage

Honestly, I still feel like I under-use this camera. Although I use it daily for commuting and get it out for the odd bit of blog footage, it’s ultimately more than I need. That being said I’m happy to have such a good quality camera that is simple and easy to use. I plan to get some extra parts for it to make it more useful, maybe some extra bike mounts to film other angles and ever a new back door for use in the sea!


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