Pentax auto 110

I’ve ticked yet another camera off my “need” list!

After so many years, I can finally say that I now have a Pentax auto 110, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.


This camera had a bizarre reputation that made me want to add it to my collection. I’d heard others refer to it as a camera that was far too good for the film it was designed to shoot on. Now, with respect to film and the industry at large, we all know 110 film is ridiculously small to shoot on, and the idea of having a full system camera for such a restrictive format sounds ludicrous on paper. But, I’m so glad they made it anyway!

The full system features a range of lenses, most of which had manual focus. Mine came bundled with a “pan focus” lens that had a smaller aperture and a fixed focus.

The films available on the market can be hard to come by, but lomography are my current go-to for my 110 needs! So far I’ve shot a mix of their “Tiger”, “Redscale” and “Orca” films. Although I love an experiment as much as the next guy, I found the Redscale too much of a wildcard for my style of working.

The Tiger film renders accurate colours and really shows how well the camera performs on such a small format!

With the bundled pan focus lens, I did have some trouble getting my images in focus. Some shots worked perfectly, and others missed the park completely. It seems best suited to subjects at a medium distance and would take a considerable amount of effort to fully master.

The ability to have an interchangeable lens system with manual focus lenses is incredibly uncommon as far as the 110 format goes, the only other camera I’ve seen to feature interchangeable lenses is the Diana Baby 110 .

In time, I’m hoping to collect the whole range of lenses and accessories, as I’d love to unlock the full creative and technological capabilities of this camera!


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