Polaroid 600 Extreme

UPDATED POST: this first went live YEARS ago so please excuse the incredibly basic review format

There are more varieties of Polaroid 600 cameras out there than there’s been iPhone updates – it would be ridiculous of me to review every single one. However, you will see more Polaroid reviews from me in future, if I find something that breaks the convention.

Polaroid 600 Extreme

The Polaroid 600 Extreme is a Polaroid instant camera that uses the iconic integral Instant film.
Being what it is, there is very little in the way of exposure control apart from a slider which will dictate how light or dark the finished print will be. This is handy for fine tuning your exposure when it come to making images, a more “trial and error” approach rather than any kind of precise metering.

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Even with the limitations of this basic exposure system, the camera does have some interesting features, including: a portrait lens, and the option to use flash or not for an image, due to having a double shutter button. The images above were shot using the new Impossible Project film which is actually quite nice as they offer a range of frame styles and the option to have monochrome or colour film.



This camera is no longer in my collection having been sold onto a new owner some years ago. The whole 600 series of Polaroid cameras has a rich and varied back catalogue of models available on the second hand market!

Polaroid Originals also resumed production of the new film following its rise from the grave at the hands of the team at The Impossible Project. They’re releasing new products all the time and making even more exciting collaborations so keep an eye out!


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