I think I’ve got a new favourite gadget…

I’m a fan of good design, and in the realm of photography you’d be surprised by how many badly designed products are available on the market. Thankfully, this isn’t one of them!

This is the KiiPix by TOMY; I got mine from express imaging in Cardiff.

Now, smartphone Instax printers are nothing new, they’ve been around for a few years now. Most of them are usually either controlled by an app via Bluetooth or WiFi, the device often being motorized and therefore requiring batteries. But this is where the KiiPix sets itself apart…. it is completely analogue!

Effectively the “printer” is a fixed focus, macro Instax camera that takes a photograph of your smartphone screen. All you have to do is select the image you want to make, place the frame onto your phone screen, then fit the frame onto the “printer”, press down the shutter until it clicks, then turn the handle until your print drops free of the device!

As this device is basically a camera, it works best by photographing a high-quality image from your phone screen in the first place. I managed to turn these images into amazing Instax prints in seconds!

This is one of my new favorite gadgets, it has a real play-ability about it. It’s dead simple to use, and best of all it was a really good price. I got mine for £40 in store which is not far off what I’ve seen them sell for online. The design is fairly idiot-proof and best of all is completely analogue meaning there are no batteries to mess around with, no apps to download or internal electronics to damage should you be a little rough with it.


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