Lomo LC-A

This little Russian jewel is one of the most effective shooters in my collection. Not only is its compact form factor and image making ability something to behold, but it’s a camera with a real pedigree!

This camera is the founding device and namesake of Lomography!


The Lomo LC-A is a 35mm, point and shoot camera. Manufactured by LOMO between 1984 and 2005.
It runs films up to 400ISO and has automatic exposure control with the option to select specific apertures for flash photography, almost exactly like the Olympus Trip 35.

It lends itself to high contrast due to the way the lens is coated and arranged. This leads to very defined, high contrast tones in black and white images and deeply saturated colour.

I have found that my own LC-A is great to use, and I really see why they are such a sought after camera. It’s build quality is relatively solid considering its plastic construction. It’s has a really compact design, which allows it to be kept in a pocket with relative ease. I say this in comparison to my Olympus Trip 35 which although compact still has a very awkward body shape which can make it just that little bit bulky when tucked into a coat pocket.

At present I also have the LC-A KRAB, an underwater housing. This can be used for up to 20 meters under water. I hope to use this camera more in future. The angle and vignetting caused by the lens create incredibly distinctive images that are the hallmark of the lomography movement.

I got mine for £80 about 4 years ago now, and are usually in that same price region for now. A new LOMO LC-A+ from lomography however,will cost you £264 at the time of posting, but it does come with some considerable advantages over its predecessors such as an extended range of film speed settings (up to 1600ISO) and the ability to create multiple exposures. While it is a great camera I don’t usually get chance to shoot it, opting for either my Olympus XA2 or Olympus MJU because the weight and versatility make them ever so slightly better options. Hopefully in the summer I’ll get more chance to use it and even get some use out of the KRAB Underwater Housing!


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