The most Looney camera I own!

This little Devil has been hiding away in my collection, gathering dust for over 5 years . The curse of collecting cameras is that getting use out of them can literally take years.

Having spent almost my complete childhood in the 90s (born in 1991 for reference) I was addicted to Saturday morning cartoons. I can recount countless hours either at home or my Nan and Grampas house watching the Looney Tunes and Taz-Mania!

From a Tech standpoint, this camera is your bog-standard Polaroid 600 camera. Comes with your usual lighten/darken slider, and shutter buttons as well as a flash ready light.

The major differences in this camera are that the shutter button and camera body are outfitted with paint and furniture to make it look like the Tazmanian Devil. The face part on the top of the flash housing is made of a really sturdy and resilient vinyl that has been painted. And considering this camera was made in 1999, its held up pretty well!

From a photographic standpoint, I wasn’t expecting this camera to be getting me a Pulitzer prize, however I’ve actually been blown away with the image quality, especially in comparison to what I’ve had out of other 600 series Polaroid cameras in the past.

In short, i’m actually annoyed with myself for not taking this camera out for a test run sooner. its such a fun camera and it really makes you think outside the box. He never fails to make the person in front of the camera smile!


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