Fuji Instax 210

I’ve sourced my collection from a variety of places. eBay, charity shops and others have been donated. This chunk of a camera came from eBay, part of a job lot of “spares and repairs” Instax cameras. It was actually the first actual “auction” I’d taken part in on eBay and I won with a last minute bid for £5

Instax 210

The Instax 210 is an instant camera that fires instax wide film. I find the film is great for images across all genres of photography.
The film is twice the with of its cousin the instax mini film making it ideal for landscape work.

The camera was in rough shape when it first came to me. The whole job lot was spares and repairs. The iris that protects the lens when the camera is turned off was damaged, for a few years I just used duct tape to keep it open. Eventually I took it apart and removed the lens cover completely. The camera has been through so many packs of film over the years. Just make sure it’s got some high power alkaline batteries in it and it’ll fire with no issues at all.

The camera has been solid and dependable over the years, considering it came to me from a literal box of scraps!