Olympus XA2

This camera has served me well over the years, it’s tackled at least 4 festivals and more nights out that I care to remember. It’s ultra compact and easy to keep in a pocket or bag without any worry about space or weight. That being said, the camera has a metal body with some plastic components. This leads to a highly durable camera.

Olympus XA2

The Olympus XA2 is a 35mm point and shoot camera made in Japan by Olympus between 1980 and 1986. The XA 2 and in fact the whole XA line were designed by Yoshihisa Maitani , he was also credited with the creation of of some of the most prolific camera lines that Olympus ever made including the OM and Pen series cameras.

It is an automatic exposure camera, with scale focusing, very similar to the LOMO LC-A. This leads to a lighting fast camera that requires very little adjustments to the settings.

I’ve used the camera for all sorts of photographic work including three consecutive years at Download Festival. It’s compact and smooth design makes it easy to carry on day to day basis. It has a fantastic, high quality lens that creates beautiful images in any lighting situation. This camera is one that everyone needs in their collection, however the price of them is quite inflated as of this post being written. I was lucky to have mine handed down to me by my mother, but to buy one today you’re looking at paying at least ¬£100 to get one in good condition. This camera is a classic as far as compact 35mm cameras go. If you get the camhance to use you, I guarantee you’ll instantly fall in love with it!

Kiev 60

Does size matter? Not really. Do I still want the camera equivalent of Andre The Giant? yeah of course I do!

Kiev-60 TTL

The Kiev 60 is a medium format SLR camera that uses the same bayonet lens fitting as the Pentacon Six. It was made in Russia in 1985. The camera is almost an exact duplicate of the Pentacon Six cameras in all ways except for the branding.

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The camera is a solid piece of equipment. The full metal body and lens which makes it very reassuring when you hold it. My camera came with the TTL prism which makes it great for all kinds of photography. I also tracked down a waist level finder for street photography and low angle images. It came in its original carry case which to this day smells suspiciously like fire.

I feel like I waited an eternity for this camera, I bought it on ebay, directly from Ukraine. As it turns out, a day after buying the camera, President Yanukovych had been thrown out of office and was found to have been a prolific embezzler. So no wonder my package was delayed.

My only problem with this camera is frame spacing, the camera shoots its negatives almost back to back, sometimes overlapping slightly. From my research online it seems to be a fairly common problem on these cameras. Apart from the spacing issue, the camera is actually a joy to use. The 90mm Vega lens that came with the camera is amazing for shallow depth of field portraits and macro studies. Even though its a fairly long lens (converts to roughly 70mm on 35mm camera) it has no trouble getting up close for detail work. All in all its a great camera that I want to get more use out of.