Distinguished gentlemans ride, Cardiff 2017

This year I planned to take part in the distinguished gentlemans ride in support of the movember foundation, prostate UK and to raise awareness of mens mental health issues. This is a global event that saw thousands of riders globally take part with a goal of raising 5 million dollars for the involved charities.

I was part of the Cardiff ride which saw 281 registered riders raise £10322 as of me writing this post.

The ride has a purpose. The purpose being to raise money to help with research for prostate cancer, suicide prevention and men’s mental health. For more information from the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride wedsite chick here

On the day I used a mix of three cameras to document the day. A fujifilm x-pro 1, a Mamiya c220, and a Nishika n8000 (images take a lot of time and effort to process from this camera and thus will be added at a later date)

Digital gallery

I used my 1964 Mamiya c220 with both my 105mm lens and my 65mm lens. This decision was made based on having not used that camera for a while and thinking the ride would be the perfect opportunity to make some great images of a good cause.

All things considered, it was a fantastic day to photograph and it was all to raise money and awareness for a noble cause. If you’re interested in finding out more about the distinguished gentlemans ride and the movember campaign then click on the links below!

distinguished gentlemans ride

donate here!


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