Its amazing what you can find by accident!

While on a day trip to London, we stumbled upon a real hidden treasure on Museum Street in London. This camera Museum/gallery/coffee shop first opened in 1999 in direct competition with other local cafe’s and coffee shops in the area. This is when the brothers, Patrick And Adrian Tang decided to open their own camera business in the shops basement.


The camera business gained notoriety and a great reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable dealership. The business itself has a small but well stocked camera store on the ground floor with the coffee shop and the basement is now a gallery and museum, hosting cameras of all kinds covering many different eras. With there being so many brands in the world, I wouldn’t expect any museum to have every single brand collected, but if anyone could, it would be The Camera Museum


It’s a place I recommend anyone to visit if they can, cameras and technology are part of our history. It’s astounding to see the cameras laid out in a chronological order, you can almost see the passing of time through the design changes of the cameras. Some of my favorites are in display, including the Yashica Electro35, Olympus XA2 and even an AGFA Isolette II.


A large portion of the current collection came from the family of a Max Feldman. Max was a collector of cameras and photographic equipment who sadly passed away in 2016, his family donated his extensive collection to the camera museum in his honor so that others would be able to enjoy the hard work he put into his collection.


This place is a wonderland for anyone who is interested in photography. It’s so interesting to see such a vast array of camera design in one place, there are at least a dozen examples of Hassleblad cameras alone!

Should you find yourself in London, then you can find them at 44 Museum Street LONDON WC1A 1LY. Alternatively you can also check them out online too.


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