Olympus Trip 300

The Olympus Trip series of cameras is one that’s been featured on this page alone at least twice already with appearances from my custom trip 35, and the AF-61

The camera itself has almost all the same features as its cousins of the same age bracket. what I prefer about this model over say the AF-61 is that the design is so much more sleek than it comes in black.

Despite the limitations inherent with being a point and shoot cameras, it is a very well made one. The 34mm lens is no slouch rendering decent focus at various ranges and really saturated colours on Kodak Gold 200.

When the faceplate is closed, the camera has no trouble fitting neatly away into a pocket or small bag making it ideal for use as a visual scrapbooking camera or as a daily carry due to its small size and weight. It features DX code reading so all exposure is taken care of by the camera leaving you to focus on shorting carefree!


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